A terrible virus had begun to spread around the world, inevitably making it to the United States, and quickly to our neighborhood. Once we thought it was “over there” and only affected “those people,” but now it was here and was affecting us. Leading health officials issued warnings and provided preventative measures to mitigate the virus’s deadly spread.

A faithful Christian man heard these warnings and decided that he would “continue to live his life” as he felt necessary. He said to himself, “I will trust God, and if I’m in danger of becoming infected with the virus, then God will protect me.”

The evening newscaster reminded the viewers to clean their surfaces in their homes and to engage in vigorous handwashing for about 20 seconds. The man said to himself, “I wash my hands and clean the counters when they’re dirty. Anyhow, God will protect me.”

Weeks go by and the virus continues to spread as the world learns more about it. During a press conference, health officials encourage people everywhere to engage in “social distancing” to prevent infection from this novel virus. Indignant, the man shouted at the TV, “I’ll shake hands and hug my friends all I want. God is greater than germs, He will protect me.”

Within weeks, government officials prohibited public gatherings of no more than 250 people… then no more than 50… then 10. The man, ranting on social media writes, “Great, now the government tells me I can’t go to a basketball game or even to church. I need to live my life. Plus, God will protect me!”

Officials put into effect a shelter-in-place order and only essential employees and facilities are to operate. Incensed, the faithful Christian man thinks to himself, “The world has gone mad! I’ll leave my house and go where I want, when I want. It’s not Halloween so I won’t be wearing a mask. God’s got me covered and will protect me from this coronavirus.”

Continuing to “live his life,” the faithful Christian man contracted COVID-19 and died. When in heaven the man stood before God and asked Him, “I put all my faith in You. Why didn’t You protect me?”

God said, “Son, I sent you many warnings. I told you to wash your hands and sanitize your surfaces. I told you to social distance. I told you to stay home. I told you to wear a mask in public. What more were you looking for?”